Chimney Sweep Tools

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RoKleen Rods

RoKleen® Rods

Made of spring steel with a unique coupling arrangement that provides a positive latch that does not slip or unlatch until desired. Rods come in 2.5, & 5 foot lengths. 8" Starter Rods are used in the drill chuck to attach the other rods to.

RoKleen Glaze Remover

RoKleen® Glaze Remover

Intended to be used in flues that have a hard glaze buildup but can be used for any type soot or creosote formations. New heavy duty coupling to secure to end of rod. Req. 1/2" drill motor, 500-900 R.P.M.

RoBrush Loop

RoBrush® Loop

A series of 3 loops made of a single piece of steel cable. When inserted into the liner, the compressed tension provides just the right pressure to engage deposits in the flue for easier removal.

RoBrush Spider

RoBrush® Spider

The Spider is like a loop that has worn out the ends of the loops. Stops on the cables only allow a few inches of unraveling.



Developed to Power Sweep manufactured fireplace chimney systems, but works equally well on masonry chimneys. The titanium line is the toughest we've tested.



An easy way to unlock your RoKleen rods. Decide which thumb you want the magic button on and order a glove for that thumb.

RoKleen Unlocking Pliers

RoKleen® Unlocking Pliers

Makes uncoupling rods a snap. The plunger that depresses the button on the male couple also prevents you from dropping the rod you're holding with the pliers. You'll love this tool!

RoKleen Grabber

RoKleen® Grabber

Allows you to reach down the chimney, grab a brick, & pull it up and out. Also picks up deceased animals and other debris. Simply attach to a piece of threaded pipe and rope (you supply) to open jaws. Saves time and headaches!

RoKleen unplugger

RoKleen® Unplugger

Designed for flues with a large creosote deposit. Simply lower rods down the flue past the blockage then attach the unplugger. Pull tool up under the blockage & operate at a low R.P.M. until blockage is removed.

RoKleen bucket Mixer

RoKleen® Bucket Mixer

Used when mixing amounts of mortar, slurry or surface bonding agents. Simply put proper amount of materials to be mixed in bucket then run tool until desired consistency is reached.

RoKleen tile Setter

RoKleen® Tile Setter

Far superior & more user-friendly than previous model. Designed from a scissors jack, it's easy to move & set tile. Simply insert the tool inside a tile, tighten & lower down the flue. Once tile is set, release tile & remove tool.

RoKleen tile Breakers

RoKleen® Tile Breakers

Three standard sizes. Single Tile Breaker is for 8" x 8" or 8" x 12" tiles. The Double Tile Breaker is for 8" x 12" and 12" x 12". Big Foot is for 12" x 12" and larger tiles. The Tile Breaker Wedge (not shown) assists in the removal of mortar encased tiles.

Master Sweep brushes

MasterSweep Chimney Brushes

This brush withstands the demanding abuse encountered by busy commercial chimney sweeps. It has a heavy duty double spiral 0.177 dia. spindle design with a plated double swaged 3/8" NPT fitting.

Master Sweep flat Wire Brush

Master Sweep Flat Wire Chimney Brushes

Master Sweep Flat Wire brushes are made for top-down sweeping from the roof. (They won't spring back to their original shape if they are jammed past a damper frame.) They have similar spindle construction as the Master Sweep round wire brushes (0.16 dia. spindle, a plated double swaged 3/8" NPT nipple w/a 3/4" loop.). The brush filament is a flat galvanized wire twisted in an evenly spaced single spiral configuration. The Oval Brush features .028 wire and heavy duty 3/8" NPT.

duct Cleaning Brush

Duct Cleaning Brush

Designed and manufactured for those applications where a vigorous scrubbing action is not required. The floppy polypropylene bristles provide a gentle action that dislodges build-up in duct systems, allowing easy removal w/a HEPA vacuum. Duct cleaning brushes are made with 3/8" NPT fitting for use w/heavy duty fiberglass rods. Can be adapted to both ProFlex® coarse threading or LockFast connectors.

poly Pro Brush

Poly Pro Brushes

Poly Pro Chimney Brushes are for use in coal, oil, or gas flues where the acids deteriorate steel bristles. Fittings are 3/8" NPT, and 0.75 dia. poly filaments resist acids.

pellet stove brush

Pellet Stove Brushes

Made with quality nylon bristles and are available in 3, 4 and 5 inch round sizes. Heavy duty ball tip guides brushes through narrow offsets and bends. Use 25P-5 rods. Fitting is 1/4-20 thread.

dryer vent brushes

Dryer Vent Brushes & Rods

For cleaning dryer vents, these brushes are designed to navigate a sharp turning radius w/o getting caught in elbows, offsets, etc. 4" round sizes are available. Brush filament of 0.020" poly. Uses 16112 rods. Rods are flexible nylon, white, 5/16-18, 0.3125 dia.

extension rod connectors

Extension Rod Connectors

Pull ring attaches to the brush and provides a means for a rope to be used to pull the brush through the chimney. Quick disconnects enable you to quickly add rod lengths.

chimney brush extension rods

Chimney Brush Extension Rods

Rods screw together to extend into chimney. .440 dia. heavy duty, black fiberglass 3/8" NPT. A heavy duty yellow fiberglass, .480 dia. with 3/8" NPT also available.

proflex rods

ProFlex® Rods

Because of superior flexibility, ProFlex® Rods are the tools of choice for cleaning from below and when going through sharp bends, offsets, breeches or thimbles. ProFlex® heavy duty polypropylene rods have rust-proof brass fittings that are flush with the rod, eliminating hang-ups on flue tiles. Rods are avail. in two sizes: 3/4" dia. x 3' lengths and 7/8" dia. x 5' lengths. For difficult jobs where optimum flexibility is essential, start brushing with the 3/4" dia. x 3' rod and then add sections of the stiffer 7/8" dia. x 5' rod. Use these rods w/SweepsAll Brushes and ProFlex® tools. Add suffix LF to the part number for LockFast fittings. Adapters are available to fit 3/8" NPT.

ProFlex Adapters

ProFlex® Adapters

The adapters allow for interchanging ProFlex® rods and tools with other rod and brush systems. All brass construction.

boring tool

Boring Tool

Blockages in flues are easily dispersed by means of the large speared Boring Tool. The Boring Tool is also used to remove flue tiles.

half round and hinged drop scrapers

Half Round & Hinged Drop Scrapers

ProFlex® Half Round Scrapers are designed to attack hard to reach areas in the corners of flues where soot accumlates and where glazed creosote is often difficult to remove. These durable scrapers are ideal for cleaning round flues, pre-fab chimneys and close work in fireboxes and smoke chambers.

The Hinged Drop Scraper has a movable, hinged fitting. They are specially designed to slip past the obstructions in the folded closed position,then open to lift objects such as fallen bricks and mortar chunks.

retrieving tool

Retrieving Tool

This useful tool helps to retrieve most foreign objects lodged inside flues. Its' superior action, when rotated, makes it extremely useful for retrieving stuck brushes and rods.

doiuble worm screw

Double Worm Screw

The Double Worm Screw is ideal for breaking through any tough blockages found in chimneys. The dual configuration makes it the ideal choice in destroying and removing bird nests and large accumulations of soot.

brass clearing wheel

Brass Clearing Wheel

The Brass Clearing Wheel is a simple device that easily attaches to the pre-drilled hole in the SweepsAll Brush. When cleaning from below, simply attach the Brass Clearing Wheel to the head of the SweepsAll, "roll" the brush up the flue wall and guide it around tight corners.



Intended for a number of important uses in chimneys such as recovering foreign objects and chipping away tough glazed build-ups in corners. Its rugged arm and shaft construction make it the best tool for removing animals that have expired inside the flue.

millbury duster

Millbury Duster

Used for sweeping up piles of ashes and creosote that collect on the hearth. Made of black tampico with 8" bristle fill.

wire duster brush

Wire Duster Brush

Use for cleaning nooks, crannies and awkward corners. Made with wire bristles. 9" handle.

smoke shelf brush

Smoke Shelf Brush

The 16" long brush is used for cleaning the smoke shelf and fireplace. Made of corrosive resistant poly bristles 2" long. One of our best selling long brushes.



Make with stiff wire bristles for heavy creosote found in the smoke chamber. Threaded with 1/4" NPT to fit fiberglass rods. Use reducer #1438 to fit rods with 3/8" NPT threading.

curved handle brush

Curved Handle Brush

An excellent wire scratch brush. Available with 3 or 4 rows of wire. 19" curved handle.

noodle brush

Noodle Brush

Good for hard to reach places. The construction of the shaft allows it to be bent, and then straightened out again. 2 1/2" bristles. Comes in a 17" short brush and 27" long brush.

(not shown)

Smoke Chamber Brush

Excellent for cleaning the smoke chamber, due to its bent construction and 24" length. It has heavy-duty fibers.

(not shown)

Scratch-N-Scrape Brush

A wire scratch brush with scraper on the end is good for removing creosote deposits.

August West sootsweeper

August West SootSweeper® II

SootsSweeper II vacuum air filtration is the only dust collecting air cleaner designed specifically for removing soot particles from the air during chimney sleaning. SootSweeper controls dust clouds and falling soot by moving and filtering tremendous amounts of air. It exchanges all of the air in a moderate size room in two minutes. SootSweeper moves the air 7 to 10 times more effectively than a typical "industrial" vacuum. Oversize 4" hose, 2 hp 350 CFM motor and a very large filter (14x more filtering surface than found in most shop vacs) are designed to capture the smallest particles. The special long-life filter (included) has a surface area of 212 sq ft. It filters particles as small as .5 microns to return clean air to the room. Two year warranty ont he motor, one year on the remaining parts.

(not pictured)

SootsSweep II Motor Brush Replacements

2 Sets

sootsweeper replacement filters

SootSweeper Replacement Filter

Filter for older SootSweeper I model. Measures 13" dia. x 26" high.

Filter for newer SootSweeper II model also available. MEasures 14" dia. x 18" high.

turbo sweeper


TurboSweeper picks up large chunks as well as the smallest soot particles. It sucks up the large chunks of debris found in oil and gas flues, on smoke shelves and in fireboxes as it returns large quantities of cleaned air (up to 100 CFM) to the room during the process. Designed specifically for professional sweeps, this portable vacuum is the perfect companion to the SootSweeper. TurboSweeper's 1 HP motor is self-cooling and won't burn out if the front end of the hose clogs. Suction capacity is 86" of lift. Its' washable coarse Dacron filter bag covers a fine cotton liner for double-filtration capturing even microscopically fine dust and particles as small as 5 micron. It is engineered to take the abuse from constant daily use.

Clean Sweep insert puller

Clean Sweep Insert Puller

Removing a fireplace insert is strenuous work that may require more than one person. With a Clean Sweep Insert Puller, it's an easy one man job. To use, simply adjust the puller to the height of the hearth extension using the adjustable legs. The legs will allow adjustment form the floor to 17" high. Once in place, slide the insert onto the rolling platform, and roll it back out of your way. The Clean Sweep Insert Puller features solid construction with replaceable roller bearings that insures it will last for many years. It's rated at an 800 lb. capacity, yet only weights 27 lbs. The puller measures 18" wide, 49" long, 1 1/2" high, and the legs store within the frame. The Clean Sweep Insert Puller is easy to carry and stores readily in a service truck.

Ahrens Styrofoam crown forms

Ahrens Styrofoam Crown Forms

These innovative crown forms from Ahrens create a decorative crown that will add elegance to any home. The forms are available in a Standard, Victorian or Top Rib design, and each set contains 6 form sides (5'4"), support wires and instructions. You will also need a set of support triangles and a ratchet strap.

Quick-set chimney scaffold

Quick-Set Chimney Scaffold

Quick-Set is very versatile and economical to own. It is light weight and compact so set-up is fast and easy. Quick-Set adjusts to a 12/12 pitch and has a 750 lb. load rating. Set includes: two (2) adjustable platform supports w/Brushes, two (2) roof hooks w/Padded Feet, two (2) chains (20 ft. ea) w/Hardware. Optional: Safety Rail Supports.

handyman clean out door

Handyman Clean-Out Door

Permits inspection and flue maintenance. Concrete construction, gasketed, air tight. Gravity lock door. Will not open by accident. Can be painted to match chimney or home. One of the most rugged and durable doors.

concrete and mortar release agent

Concrete & Mortar Release Agent

Concrete and mortar release agent. Proven to handle the toughest of jobs. Enables you to easily remove crown forms from new crowns.

firesafe protective gloves

Firesafe Fireplace & Barbecue Protective Gloves

Concrete and mortar release agent. Proven to handle the toughest of jobs. Enables you to easily remove crown forms from new crowns.


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